Nicole Dalton Photography | Fauxto Painting

Nicole Dalton Photography is pleased to introduce a brand new offering, Fauxto(SM) Painting.  What is a Fauxto(SM) Painting?  Simply put, it is a stylized photograph created to look like a painting, which is then, printed onto a high-quality, gallery-wrapped canvas.  It is the next best thing to having an actual painting, and the biggest advantage is is much more affordable than commissioning an actual painting.  Literally save hundreds, even thousands of dollars!

Nicole Dalton Photography is offering Fauxto(SM) Painting at an introductory price of $25.00, plus the cost of your choice of canvas.  For more information about having a photo from a previous or upcoming session with Nicole Dalton Photography transformed into your own priceless piece of art, e-mail today!

Fauxto(SM) Painting and the Fauxto(SM) Painting logo are Service Marks of Nicole Dalton Photography.